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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Talk about conspiracy everywhere I go.....

PHOENIX - Jay-Z is coming to the defense of his friend and colleague, Rihanna, in the wake of her alleged violent attack at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown.

While speaking with reporters during NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix, the hip-hop mogul, who first signed Rihanna to his label during his tenure as President of Island Def Jam back in 2004, pleaded with the media to handle the situation — and those involved — with sensitivity.

“It’s not a sound bite. This is a real situation,” Jay-Z told reporters. “If you can’t have compassion for others, just imagine it being your sister or your mom or someone like that. Then think about how you should talk about that.”

In urging the media to handle the story with care, Jay-Z also reminded everyone that despite the fact that Rihanna is a global superstar, she is still just a 20-year-old woman.


Rihanna and Chris Brown
An assault allegation and arrest shatter the world of two of music’s rising young stars.
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“I think we all should just support her. She’s going through a tough time,” he said. “You’ve got to realize she’s a young girl, as well. She’s very young.”

Over the weekend, Rihanna’s father spoke to People about his daughter and said the public may soon hear her side of the story.

“She will be alright,” Ronald Fenty said. “At some point, she will speak out. I hope she will stand up for women all over the world.”